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Storage Masters

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3.93 Rating - 29 Reviews

Scott Horace

on google Friday June 07, 2019
Nice self storage facility

Marlene Manzella

on google Thursday February 07, 2019
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

Tom Vespa

on google Thursday February 07, 2019
Well run facility.

Mason Rothert

on google Thursday February 07, 2019
They were super helpful at signup. Clean and great prices. Made it easy to get started and store my stuff!

Jake Nees

on google Thursday February 07, 2019
They are extremely friendly and helpful. Made the process of renting my unit fast and painless.

David Roberts

Peter Emerson

I rented an RV storage site. The staff was very friendly. They made sure I felt comfortable with the parking situation before signing me up. Easy to get on and off the highway.

Jay Kirby

Billy was great. Very hot day upon moving in. Provided me help and water as relevant and necessary. The air conditioning unit in my climate controlled storage unit was not functioning on a 95 degree day. Billy called for repairs and I was assured that it would be fixed and working properly within 24 hours. It was not but, was ultimately repaired within the week. This had no reflection on Billy or his service and he was very understanding and made it a high priority and contacted me once things were made right. The things I store require climate control at all times and Billy recognized this as a high priority and solvesd the problem on his end. I was satisfied but would have liked it to be in proper working order a bit sooner. Billy assured me that he is now monitoring all climate controlled units on a daily basis to make sure appropriate heating and cooling are at proper levels...as that is what I am paying to maintain for my valuables.

Michael Calhoun

Excellent customer service. I searched all over the Chesterfield area and Storage Masters had the best price for the unit I wanted - by a LOT. Being able to use the moving truck that Storage Masters has on-site was also extremely helpful in getting everything for my move done in one convenient place. I would recommend anyone use Storage Masters for their storage needs.

Brooke White

Great place to rent space from! Nice, clean and helpful!

Rebecca Meier

Excellent customer service, checking in and out! Getting the unit day-of was no sweat at all! We made our reservation over the phone, and it was all ready for us when we showed up! We did not use the option, but the box truck was available for move in if we had needed! Checking out, we closed on our house the same day our unit was up, so instead of having to pay for an additional month of storage, we were able to prorate, just for the last few days we needed! The box truck was again available for rental, which was super helpful! The manager I talked with was so kind, competent and helpful! No pressure to keep the unit or pay for any longer than we absolutely needed! He provided all the information we needed and was completely helpful over the phone! 10/10, would use this facility again!

Carla Brooks

Billy was wonderful to work with! We have received excellent customer service, clear information and have been very pleased with our experience! We highly recommend!

John Horvath

The sales rep was exceptionally hospitable and well versed on the Storage Facility. He had just moved from Denver, but you would never have known based on his knowledge of the facility and business procedures. The Storage facility is extremely well maintained and always clean. This is the second year we have used the facility to store our daughter's school stuff between the Spring and Fall semester. The truck we "borrowed" to move all the stuff was in excellent condition, clean and well maintained. We appreciate the convenience and easy on/off highway access. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

jacqueline lorin

Very friendly staff! My husband and I were in the middle of an all day (and stressful) move and Diane was very sweet to us and helped us get settled. She got us moving in our storage unit as quickly as possible so our movers were not just sitting around and even offered to stay late in case we needed her for something. We really appreciate how much she helped us during a very stressful day. Thanks, Diane!


They were nice but they were hidden charges I was not aware of from the start like the coverage of $9 a month on top of the renting fee... not happy I wasn’t told that till half way through the paper work. Other than that they were nice and helpful.

Stephen Gianino

POOR!!!Very shady, lost all my respect. Say one thing do another. live with it boys..

Frank Sparks

Tell you one thing say another. over charge and under promise...

chad roberts

Don't trust anything they say. Paid rent for the next month early. Called and talked to Brad/Chad said I did not need unit anymore on the renewal date. he said I should get some money returned. They told me I needed to move out first, so I did. Now they tell me since I moved out that I get nothing back and can't use my unit for the month that I already paid. Very friendly and helpful up front. Can careless after you sing. Will never do business with them again. ASK A Lot OF QUESTIONS.... Very Shady.

Janice Lewis

I rented two units the beginning of June. In September I received letters on both units that my rent is already being raised effective immediately. I also have one climate controlled and one not. The smaller not climate controlled unit is infested with spiders and when I try to move any box spiders are underneath, on top of, and now coming out of my boxes.

David Deves


shawn the lesser

Scott Alexander

High pressure storage rentals.

Kathryn Fish

I only give 2 stars because it's clean and is temperature controlled. Space, however, isn't exact. The true measurement of my space was not as it claims to be and I had to go up in a space unit. I'll be looking at other storage now..

chris gates

Great experience, the only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that I needed information about the dimensions of the shelf in the unit and that wasn't available. People were friendly and nice.

Teresa Fendley

Beware of bait and switch! Today (Saturday) I made an online Reservation (confirmed by email) for a 5X10 2nd-floor climate-controlled unit for $37 mo with 50% off the first month. Supposedly it was reserved for 14 days--even though there was no way to pay a deposit online. I spoke with Brad THREE times and said we would be in either Monday or Tuesday to pay and complete the paperwork to use the free truck, also reserved for Tuesday. At no point did he say the unit was not reserved without payment. Within a couple of hours, Brad called to say the unit had been rented to someone else. I went in to see if I could get two 5X5 units for the original price quoted (and pay while there), and was told he did have those available but the cost would be $37 per unit per month (twice as much for the same amount of space).


4.09 Rating - 78 Reviews

Tanner Spoon

on google Saturday December 07, 2019
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

Frank Humiston

on google Monday October 07, 2019
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

Noël Nixon

on google Monday October 07, 2019
Great prices!

Michael Tuttle

on google Monday October 07, 2019
Over priced -Damaged our stuff when they moved our personal property out of one unit into another.

Amy Cooksey

on google Saturday September 07, 2019
We used storage masters to store our belongings for 2 months while we were in between moves. Many of our items had water damage and mold on them. Moving boxed were falling apart because of how wet they had gotten. Altogether, the damage was about $2500. They told us the most they would give us is $700, even though we paid for the protection plan. They are impossible to get a hold of and never call or email you back.

Sarah Thomas

Felicia Stuart

Very nice and clean storage area

Michelle Roques

Chris Johnson

It's fine and has everything needed for a storage facility except air conditioning.

Snake Farrar

Kearsten Wilke

Unbelievable that I am having my prices increase due to yearly increases that I was not made aware of. Also i have been there less than 6 months.... When calling for information the woman who answered at the “corporate office” was unbelievably rude and unhelpful and every attempt for me to get more information on these increases. I was told that that was the corporate office and there was no one else that I could speak with no matter what. I had to call another location to get any sort of information on these increases aside from being told it was corporate policy and that’s that. Could use a lesson or two on customer service, appreciation and general kindness.

Tamara Benscoter

Great place to store your stuff.always friendly.

Scott Tyne

It's not a terrible place

Grandpa Mittler

Moving out

Lucas Houck

Love these guys. Always professional.

Michelle Pawlowski

I used this for a pick up/drop off for work. Well lit, indoor hallway and easy access. Not ideal during terrible weather.

Kimmie Irene

Huge. Could benefit from accessible large rolling carts and signs to not get lost

Matthew Thomas

Very clean and up to date.

Steven Colter

The person in office was the best service I have ever had there. He was tremendously helpful in so many ways.

Chuck Weaver

Matt Thomas

My parents are new to this place and i helped them move into their unit. It is amazing! The whole place is clean and profesional, the storage units doors open real easily and dont have any dust falling off. Great place to store your stuff. The unit is also super big! With a loft to put stuff on.

Cheryl Held

My experience @ Storage Masters was absolutely fantastic! My initial phone call was friendly & professional. The follow-up call to make sure that everything was in order for my appointment was wonderful & filled in details. And, on my appointment day, my day had been very full, and my time was tight before arrival to rent my storage unit. Diane the Manager made me feel calm & relaxed, right @ home. She was incredibly nice, and she truly knew her stuff. She took care of all of the little details and did so with the highest professionalism & friendliness. I am incredibly glad that I chose Storage Masters!

Michelle Dodge

Danielle Summers

Storage Masters went above and beyond my expectations for a storage unit. They offer a great price for a large unit, provide a truck to help move, first 20 miles are free, then after that a very reasonable price per mile. They provide moving blankets and a dolly with the truck. Highly recommend them!

Jillian A

Chris Fagin

Best storage experience I've had. Very helpful, great facility and painless. Store your stuff here, you cant go wrong.

Tracie Fink

Very clean unit and well airconditioned. A shelf or two would make it better.

Steve Hopkins

Great prices and great security. Friendly staff and yea you pay a little more but for peace of mind its worth it

Stevonna Leanndra-Marie

This is the second time that we are using Storage Masters to store our things. We had a great experience the first time and knew immediately that we would use them again. I now have had the pleasure of using both a regular unit and a climate controlled unit. Both are great. I definitely recommend climate contolled if you have electronics or precious items like family photos or candles (anything that can't handle warmer temps). But the regular units never seemed to get outrageous, temp wise, either. I love that it's a gated property that requires a personal code to enter and each hallway/building also has a unique code so that nobody who should be there, isn't. The staff is awesome. Always very helpful and quick. They offer free coffee and cookies anytime you visit the office. They will walk you through the available units to make sure they are the right fit for you. If they have any issues, they are quick to reach out instead of leaving you in the dark. Auto pay makes it easy to make sure that a payment is never late, you get a free lock, and they offer a FREE moving truck. It's just been an all around great experience and if we ever move again, we will be returning. Just an all around great place.

Brandon Searle

Very clean and nice

sam castiaux

Alex Standish

Clean and run great..!!

Chris Pfleger

Friendly Staff

mike torres


Jake Milster

The staff is very nice and helpful. The units are extremely clean and well kept. Very easy and quick to get the unit i wanted. I definitely recommend them if you are on the look for a storage unit.

Kordell Smith

The facility is clean and secure and the staff is so friendly. This was my first time using a storage facility, and they took the time to walk me through all of my options. Excellent place, I highly recommend!

Douglas Hoag

Unfortunately they had moved to a new location

Michael Buckmore

Good price and service. Very friendly and clean. Also, office is open on Sunday!

Rebekah Adams

Great place great people great service couldn't reccomend any other storage location more than storage masters!

Neal Cox

We found ourselves in need of storage and I can't say I was happy about the prospects. My past experiences with storage companies has been "meh" at best. Storage Masters in O'Fallon is amazing! Not only were they friendly, helpful and professional when calling the first time for info, but their follow up was excellent. Pricing beat the competitors in the area and on the day we rented the unit we were treated like royalty. The facility is extremely clean, they offered free water and coffee while we did the paperwork, let us see the unit first and make sure it would work, provided a free lock and half price the first two months. Nothing but positive things to say! We won't use anyone else now or in the future!

Paolo Vinzon

Staff was very friendly and worked to make sure we got everything we needed. Would recommend to anyone.

Kym Plassmeyer

Happy, clean and feel my belongings are very safe. Staff is awesome, helpful and very thorough.

crazy j

Great service. Really helpful staff. I will recommend them to everyone.

Derrick W

Marci McKinney

UPDATE as of 1/23/2018 Brian has addressed my issue and it has been resolved to my satisfaction. It has been a pleasure doing business with Dave and Brian at the O'Fallon, Mo location. THE FOLLOWING WAS MY ORIGINAL POST: At the moment I am very displeased with Storage Masters in O'Fallon, Mo. While I had some things in storage there I received water damage to a few of my items. I did purchase insurance through them at $9.00 a month. When I moved out in October 2017 I was told to leave the damaged items in my unit and send an email to Dave and he would forward it on to the company. He also had pictures of the items I left. There were other items that were damaged that I did not want to completely give up. I am using some of those items but they are not perfect like they were when I moved them in there. As of today, Jan 18, 2018, I have not heard anything from anyone about this issue. I did go by and Dave gave me the phone number for Brian. I have called Brian 2 times now and left a message with no results.

LaKendria Hawkins

I get constant calls about a storage that doesn't even belong to me, even after I stated that I no longer have contact with the renter. Please stop calling. I really could care less what you do with the items. Auction them if you wish. Throw them away. It doesn't belong to me. Not my problem.

Reezie M

Very good storage place. We have a climate controlled.

Vicki Smith

very clean, well lit, convenient

Karina Zoraya

Brenda R

Great service, extremely helpful, very reasonable prices

eldorao convertible

chief runningbear


Kathy Spillane


Kat Guenther

Nick Kasoff

Clean and brightly lit facility, with a nice and well stocked store in the office. Friendly, great service. A real standout compared to other storage places.

Jay Jackson

Very clean and well run operation. Also affordable

David Holt

Dave was VERY polite and explained everything in full detail,even taking the time to answer all of my questions as they came up. I was extremely impressed by his level of customer service. The facilities are clean,well lit and easy to access. I also liked how he opened the locks package right in front of us so we could see were getting a new lock,that we get to take with us! I was wonderfully impressed with the level of professionalism from Dave and this company.

Corri Stewart

David is informative and extremely friendly. He will get you a unit quickly and without hassle. Facility is extremely clean and safe, excellent location right off I-70

Jason Montes

It's a nice place but they will raise your rates every chance they get, I've been there a little over 12 months and have my rate raised twice now.


mold infested units had my stuff in there for less than 45 days and mold all over my couches and mattresses. I was told they would work with me to help with some of the cost but have been lied too and put off by the manager Brian. He will not return or take my calls.

christen carey

I've been here a year and love it...the staff is absolutely amazing. I just transferred to a slightly bigger unit and it was so easy and painless. Thank you Storage Masters. I recommend everyone to give it a shot.

Tim Strawder

***Update - Brian called me to correct the issue. He issued a full refund and apologized for what happened. ***The facility was fine as far as security and cleanliness. I was told I would receive a prorated month if I moved out within 5 days of my bill date with notice. I gave notice two weeks before I moved out but was still billed in full for moving out two days past my bill date. I was told they would see what they could do like it was my fault.

Matt Youngbauer

I just got a place to temporarily store my furniture and living accessories. The Office Staff was very polite and promptly got me a new unit with a great rate! I recommend Storage Masters to anyone else needing some temporary storage space!

Miranda Kaleel

I called on professional help for help with my storage needs. Good thing storage masters answered my call last month. I was really desperate for a place to store all my stuff. For a good price these guys give good service.


I called a little over a month ago to ask for a quote, because I thought I might be using a storage unit. It turned out I didn't need one. However, they have called me four times since then and left messages to ask if I'm interested in one of their units. I have not responded, so they should be smart enough to figure out that by me not responding that means I'm not interested. Obviously not. After the call today, I did respond and asked them to stop calling. Of course, when I called them nobody was available so it went to their voicemail. Do not give them your phone number or they will keep calling and calling and calling.

Mark Morlock

very helpful call center along with the manager at the location. was done with paper work in less then ten min n out the door to start moving and if you store on second level they have a lift n a dolly so you do not have to worry about straining yourself up stairs.

Katie Deets

Everyone from the call center to the actual location in O Fallon was friendly and courteous. We had no issues with moving our belongings into storage. I decided last minute that I needed to upgrade to the next sized unit and it was no issue. Everything went smoothly and I would recommend this company to others.

Kalana Harger

The WORST place to store your things! I paid for a climate controlled unit for 4 months. When I moved my stuff it was molded! O had to throw about half of my items in the trash. They will not do anything about it and the manager wont even answer my calls. When I called him he "acted" as if he could not hear me. BEWARE!!

V B.

So far so good. Easy access from interstate clean secure and competitively priced. Variety of options to suit any need. I relocated here from UHaul and am saving about $60/mo Many larger units still require entry into a hallway from outside and although the doorway is large, it may be awkward to move in/out certain items so ask to inspect any unit before committing to one. This layout does afford a little more security and protection from the elements though.

Jerry N.

Great service, fair pricing , CLEAN facility and clean units If you need self storage in O"Fallon, this is where I think you should go

Jay K.

Was not able to reserve online due to error that kept popping up. Went to location and the lady that was working the front desk was very friendly and very helpful.  Walked us through the whole process step by step and gave us the online rate. Move in free truck rental is a great bonus.  This is my second storage unit here and I have had no issues, making my move to my new house a little less stressful on moving day.

Sarah H.

I chose this storage facility because of the amenities, cost, and location. I thought the rate was great for a climate controlled unit. We moved in last weekend and everything went smoothly. The associate in the office was very nice and helpful. We borrowed the truck. It's definitely a moving truck - no A/C. It was easy to drive and it's nice Storage Masters allows you to use it. One tip for management - Post instructions on how to use the elevator in or just outside the elevator. Also, if there's any way to have door stops for the 2nd floor doors, that would be awesome. All in all, we're pretty satisfied with Storage Masters in O'Fallon.

Mike P.

Just moved in to storage masters. I found the unit to be clean and appreciate the loft area to store additional items. The location is convenient and secure. I rate this 3 stars because I felt the advertisement was misleading when I reserved the unit. Only a few sizes noted a cost reduction for multiple months in the ad and I chose one of those since I anticipate a 2 month need. As I arrived I was told that rate was subject to availability. Since the unit was still available I again thought the discount would and should apply. I was then told it did not apply because it was the last unit of that size and feel by not renting to me the locker essentially could be rented at a higher price. I still rented the unit because of the convenient location to my home and a "internet "rate" (different than the online rate) could be had making it comparable to another unit in town. I will now try to stay only one month and feel there was a bit of bait and switch involved with the online ad. All being said I'm happy with the unit I rented and it meets my needs exactly as I would have hoped. I did not use the moving truck but feel it is a nice perk for others.

C W.

I was given good service at first.  After being in the unit for several months my rent increased substantially and then when I opened my unit I found boxes wet.  I notified the office and management was unwilling to help me lift the boxes or help in any way.  They got me the main manager who was adamant they never have any leaks, would not help me move to another unit, give me a discount or help me with my boxes that were wet since I'm not strong enough to lift them.  Since I had my own insurance he told me to take pictures and deal with them.  The gutter system is horrible and goes half way down the outside walls and when it rains hard the water gushes everywhere and my shoes were drenched from the streams of water.   As I have called around looking for a unit a lady told me she has waiting lists and happened to mention a couple of ladies on the waiting list had water in their units at this same Storage Master off Hwy 79 in O'Fallon.  Beware.

Patrick B.

OFallon Storage Masters is an excellent operation.  I found them to be the most reasonably priced and very helpful and friendly.  My wife and I went up there with a truckload of stuff and walked out with a great storage locker full of that same stuff with very little hassle.  Two thumbs way up!!!

South Shores

4.18 Rating - 22 Reviews

Crista Hjort

on google Saturday December 07, 2019
Price keeps going UP !

Robert Withington

on google Tuesday May 07, 2019
Good storage place

Rodney Montague

on google Sunday April 07, 2019
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

Phil Tomlinson

on google Sunday April 07, 2019
Well managed, clean, well lit, very secure. 24 hour access with key code.

John L

on google Sunday April 07, 2019
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

John Gilbert

daniel yates

Beverley Gilbert

James Cooper

michelle mccoy

Alison Steel

Very helpful staff, and super friendly! Helped us with what we needed, and charged a reasonable fee for storage. Would use again if we weren't moving.

Lyn Newingham

John Gilbert

Gary Browning

Very clean and well run site. Unfortunately, they did not have the 10x25 size I needed BUT they took the time to make sure I was able to get one at the West Main Street location - Very helpful.

Mike & Kara Spinner

Been a longstanding customer. New owners took over and service declined. Was informed payment had to be made by a certain date to avoid a late fee. Payment was made when told and late fee was applied. Discussed previous conversation with manager and he informed us nothing can be done about it. Been using this facility for years and have never been charged a fee

Xavier w

good place for storage

Joshua Maple

If you are in need of storage they have e you covered

Trisha Crawford

anthony johnson

William Smith

St. Charles

3.94 Rating - 47 Reviews

Jen Mauer-Parisi

on google Friday January 17, 2020
Very helpful. Great pricing. Clean.

Zach Kleine

on google Tuesday January 07, 2020
I canceled my rental 3 months ago & they keep mailing me bills! BEWARE do not do business with them & lockers are dirty!! Terrible customers service

Charile Adams

on google Saturday December 07, 2019
Good local storage unit. Good.secutity.too.

Rick Cougar

on google Saturday December 07, 2019
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

leanna chapman

on google Thursday November 07, 2019
Got a truck here to move ...and it was easy to get ....wasnt. too much money. Customer service was completely rude at the. Call center. When I called to see if the dolly was included. But other then that nice place

Marianne Schleuter

Timothy Matthews

k ngo

In my years here at Storage Masters, i've never had a better experience. Clarence is one of the most knowledgeable and kindest hearted. He puts all his customers first and goes above and beyond in everything that he does. Clarence has excellent customer service and would highly recommend coming to Storage Masters because of this. 5 out of 5!

Todd Nault

Needed to move from a competitor, where we experienced less than great customer service. Clarence made the process smooth and easy. He understood our organizations needs and accommodated us very easily. On the move day he even brought us ice water and cookies. The storage facility is neat and clean. Secure and well lit. Most importantly Clarence demonstrated a high level of customer service that was much needed and appreciated.

Gypsy Bluebird

The manager of this storage facility was friendly and knowledgeable about the units available, pricing and the rules of the facility. I was very pleased with the service I received in a short time too. I would definitely recommend the Woodford storage facility to anyone needing to rent a unit or outdoor space.

jim seaberg

Website was well laid out, and self explanatory. The online leasing was simple and quick. Customer service is excellent.

Timothy Jacobs

Very helpful staff , good security , small area to navigate moving trucks

Kristian Brooks Barnett

My wife and I were very pleased with this place. The front desk guy is wonderful. He took his time to show us around and make sure that we got the right storage shed that we needed, not too small and not too big. Hes a wonderful guy with a good sense of humor and he even wrote us a handwritten card. Love Love Love this place. Again Very Pleased!

Romy Villadolid

Highly recommended...Lawrence was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with !

Nick Kasoff

I couldn't be more pleased with my experience at this store. They quickly determined the right size for my needs, and had a special in that size offering the first 2 months at half price. Also, they give you a good quality lock at no charge when you move in, and don't charge any administrative fee like the last place I rented. So between the special, the free lock, and no fees, move-in was like $75 cheaper than other places. And the monthly rate is competitive, so it's a great deal all around.

J Richard Beery

Was very pleased with the layout of the facility and the options of different sites to choose from. Barbie was knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Cluv scott

Andrew Cox

The West Main storage units in Decatur, IL were very helpful. They provided me with many different options for storage space, they were quick to process my lease agreement and Barbie was super nice and even sent me a thank you card in the mail. The best part for me was the moving truck. That saved the day as I was able to use Storage Masters's truck to bring my stuff from home to the storage unit in one trip. I highly recommend Storage Masters.

Gary Browning

Barbie was extremely helpful in renting us the storage unit we needed. The facilities are clean and secure. Thanks

Jamie Schmidt

When looking for a storage facility quickly I stopped by two OTHER facilities that google had their hours posted and both were closed when I called the number. I then came across Storage Masters and wondered why I didn’t go there first!The office staff was eager to greet me and offer me water or coffee and definitely listened to my storage needs to make sure they provided the right sized unit. The free lock was a good surprise and although I don’t need it, they offer to use their moving truck which is a big perk in my books. Make sure if you qualify you ask for a military discount! Great company doing the right things for their customers.

Kathleen Lawler

Very clean and secure.

Shannah Niehouse

Always a great experience and having the convenience of the moving truck when you rent a storage unit is always a plus!! Staff has always been amazing to my family!!

Jesse McGinnis

I used this place a while ago while i needed to move into a smaller location storage unit i had was well protected i fell and reasonably priced, however they did randomly increase the rent on my unit which led to me removing my stuff from this storage location, overall though not a bad place to hold your junk.

Larry Lauck

Jeff Merwin

A close friend of mine decided to prepay for a year storage because the manager, at the time, told her that she would receive a refund for any months that she didn't need. When she inquired several months later about ending her rental, the new manager refused to honor the deal from the prior manager. She would have never prepaid for a whole year had she not been assured that she could terminate the rental at any given month boundary with a full refund. In addition to the terrible customer service, especially when confronted about terminating the rental, boxes were damaged by mice and their feces / urine were inside of boxes. I will NEVER use this business ever, and I will make sure that anyone I know who is looking for a storage facility will go up the street to their competitor.

Charisse Williams

The customer service was amazing. The staff was very friendly and efficient! They answered all my questions and there were no gimmicks! Just good service!

Raymond Sims

Clarence Koehler

Great company to work for. Among the best people I have ever had the opertunity to work with.

john crane

So far no problems.

Todd Bakula

I just moved out and discovered they don't prorate at all so i ended up paying full price for the last month even though I only used the unit 12 days of that month. They also have mice problems as I discovered mice urine and feces all over my stuff. And lastly they increase the rent after 5 months by 15 dollars. Otherwise I had no other issues. Take advantage of the free water and snacks inside.

brianna nicholson

Friendly staff, gated secure storage options. Rates comparable. Used a unit for a couple months for daughters college stuff, the unit was very clean.

adam brittingham

Justin Douglas

Been renting there for about 3 months an one time I really need to get something in my unit at 10 pm at night the gates closed an locked .. even with my code I could not get in... They lied an said they an 24/7 you can come an go anytime... Like other stores until I can come an go anytime day or night .... So you don't have access to your belongings from 10pm til 6am every day...

Angela Gilliam

Brianna Smith

Very very professional both on the phone and in person. Their prices are competitive with other storage facilities in the area but they have the added benefit of free move-in truck rental which really saved me a lot of money. They check the units multiple times a day which I like and feel good about storing my stuff at their location.

Laurie Hart

So far so good, but wish all the storage places would be more honest & upfront with their pricing before u come in & tell you they require u to get insurance.

Roderick Nash

Emily Elhoffer

'Climate Controlled' doesn't mean the climate is controlled. It just means you're paying extra here. Destroyed over $1,000 in artwork and hikes my price up every two months. Go to the storage place down the road.

Luke Lawrence

as others have said, 1 star is much too positive of a rating. 0 stars if possible.destroyed things, mold like crazy... run. run. run.With 6 additional reviews talking about water, mold and damage, think; is this really worth risking your things?Better prices and better, quality storage places elsewhere

Amanda Werle

CONSUMER BEWARE! They raised the price every few months to the point where we were almost paying double what we were at first (also did not get a move-in special rate). That's a lot of money to pay someone to destroy your belongings! We were in a climate controlled unit, and a lot of our stuff was damaged by the time we moved it out. We had water damage, mold damage, and some other damage that I can't discuss publicly. The final straw was when we went to the storage unit one day and saw resting soapy water on the ground. I have no idea why it had suds in it, but that led us to believe it was probably carelessness with cleaning out a neighboring unit instead of leaking rain water. It looked like it had gotten up to almost a foot in some places of the unit. After that, we decided it was time to take the salvageable stuff and store it somewhere else. They also changed the access hours without notifying anyone. We found that out the hard way when we went to move our stuff out at 11PM and could not get in.

Nick Adams

Issues with flooding, staff is friendly but management is very difficult to get ahold of

derek sitton

Had a storage unit for approximately 5 months at this facility, monthly charge was raised and when I asked why, I was informed it's a corporate thing. Now I understand why they offer "Move in deals", they offer free moving truck to move you in and first 30 miles, you just have to pay for the gas. They offer a few discount options such as; discounted first month and second month. My particular unit was not a climate control unit, but for a $140.00 a month I would not expect for my belongings to grow mold on them, spiders and bugs crawling all over the place. Some items were so bad I had to dispose of them. I would expect adequate ventilation in these storage units.

Cathy W

The manager was very helpful and polite. I had called the day before to let them know we were on our way and when we got there 1 minute after 4pm on Sunday, they were gone, that is my only complaint

Jenna Sladek

My husband and I found Storage Masters (St. Charles) through google. The site was offering a great reservation rate, compared to many others that we looked into, that we couldn't pass up. Once we got the reservation rolling they were quick to contact us and keep into contact with us until everything was squared away. Our unit is nice and just as we expected from the explanation on their site. It even has an overhead shelf to allow maximum storage - I know many units do not offer this at other places to this is a definte plus. We also used their moving truck for a very cheap fee which allowed us to get everything moved in one day. I am very happy with Storage Masters -St. Charles and would reccommend it to others!

David Tucker

Great place very efficient!..

West Main

4.45 Rating - 11 Reviews

William Nave

on google Sunday July 07, 2019
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

Charlie Grijalva

on google Sunday April 07, 2019
Great for storage needs

Steve Boles

on google Sunday April 07, 2019
Great place to Store

Douglas Coomer

on google Thursday February 07, 2019
Very nice facility, well maintained and good rates. Barb is super knowledgeable, very efficient and always friendly. I would recommend Storage Masters to anyone !

DAWN McKinney

on google Thursday February 07, 2019
It is now called Storage Masters under new ownership. Very clean building. Courteous and helpful staff. Barb the office manager is the best. Very helpful knowledgeable and always in a good smiley frame if mind.

Gary Browning

Barbie was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in renting me 2 units. The facility is very well maintained and secure. A very well run facility.

Dave Carpenter

Ok place for storage. New owners increased price.

Janet Morrissette

Nice people reasonable price

Amanda Nihiser

Amber Stoots


4.0 Rating - 30 Reviews

Kurt Yancey

on google Saturday February 01, 2020
Safe with good 24 hr access

Isiah Gray

on google Tuesday January 07, 2020
Customer service

Duane Stukins

on google Tuesday January 07, 2020
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

Crystal B.

on google Saturday December 07, 2019
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

Antwon Rolling

on google Thursday November 07, 2019
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

Mike Gergory

Great staff and location!

Frenk Melk

Sheryl Jestis

April Prince

Great people everyone was so nice.

Marcia Brenner

Friendly clean fast and easy just great place

Sophie Hudak

Absolutely horrible. I was 1 day late and tried moving out when they charged me the late fee(understandable). Then Proceeded to charge me for another month. So I have to pay $100 to move out

Jonathan Merriman

daniel yates

Crystal Davis

I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! absolutely horrible. they change the prices on you , they add fees to your account without notice, put locks on your storage units without notice . that guy BILLY has a horrible attitude, he doesn’t let you explain things he talks over you. they don’t treat you with any respect!!!

T. Hutchins

Great facility for all types of storage needs.

Tracy Evans

Ok place


Good Customer service...

Carl Johnson

Way too much dirt in the air, plan on your stuff being covered with dust from the concrete grinding operation next door

Chad Smith

Never want to answer their phone, then want to change you another month or try loke your loker so you can't access it without notice!!

Terri Askew

Chris Brewer

Clean Facility. Really nice Management. No tempature controlled storage units.

Brett Ford

The best place

Barbara McCall


Mark Cloud